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Little Adventures Dress Up Costumes are IN!

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We have been working very hard lately to bring you our newest items. We are happy to announce that many Little Adventures dress up costumes are now available for sale!

We spoke a little about the Rubie's and Little Adventures companies in the last blog post, but today we would like to focus a little more on the products. Today we will be featuring a review of one our favorite items from the Little Adventures brand.

One of the items that really stood out to us was the Mermaid costume.The photograph that is available for this item does not do it justice. The skirt or "tail" of the dress is a lovely sea green color with a gentle swirl pattern of darker shades. This dress is also glitter free. Instead the fabric of the skirt is woven through with thin gold thread so that it shimmers like a fish's scales when it moves in the light. The fabric itself is a cool, stretchy lightweight knit, similar to what you would expect a dance leotard to be made from. At the bottom of the tail is a ruffle with sewn on sequin trim. The fabric of the ruffle is aqua colored and smooth so that it doesn't rub uncomfortably on the skin. It is made from a lining fabric like that you would expect to find inside of a quality gown or suit jacket. This seems like a good idea to us since using satin, while pretty, would be very likely to snag and become a mess. This fabric is sturdier and far less likely to catch and snag on the sequin trim when it is being worn or washed.

Moving up we come to the top. This dress is made in two pieces which really helps it to fit longer and to accommodate more body types. It also is great because you can easily wear it with a leotard or fitted t-shirt for more warmth or modesty while still achieving that signature mermaid look. The light purple fabric is the same knit fabric as the main portion of the tail and includes the lovely gold thread interwoven throughout. It also has that multi-tone marbleized pattern that really gives the costume depth and a feeling of a colorful sea creature. The sewn in sequin trim is an iridescent purple that also adds to that feeling and gives the impression of scales. At the very top of the neckline there is more sparkle with a good sized sewn-in purple jewel.

We were so impressed with this costume and really love the quality details. Unlike other dresses that are available, this dress is completely glitter free. This keeps glitter from getting everywhere and on everyone, but it also helps the costume to look great even through many washings. Instead, the costume uses quality sewn-in details to provide the long lasting sparkle and glitz that little girls want for dress up. This dress also features completely sewn and serged hems and seams. There are no rough or glued edges that will unravel as soon as it is removed from the package. The hem is topstitched just like the hem on a regular dress. We really appreciate that nothing on this dress is glued. The designers really took the time to make sure that everything is sewn on for safety and durability.

If you decide to give your little princess her own Mermaid costume by Little Adventures, then we recommend getting the matching dress for her doll too. The doll version of the dress is exactly the same as the children's version and features all the same great details for her 18" doll(American Girl sized). Complete the collection with the Mermaid Ball Gown in pink and white for both girls and dolls!

That's it for our review of the Little Adventures Mermaid costume. We hope to see you back for our next review of the Galactic Villain Cape. Thank you for reading!


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